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House move has completed but no ETA of having the nestcam back up. So please keep checking back!

You may wonder why I am doing this. Well, I wanted to do this because I have been reading the recent BBC News article on "Blue tit boom 'may cause crisis" so I thought I'd help by putting up a nest box. But at the same time, I had this crazy idea of putting a camera inside the box so we can watch how the bird did it.

I spent a few weeks researching on this and it seems that eveyone do it. So I thought - why not and make one so we can see it ourselves and stream it live to the Internet with the photo archive and hopefully video archive too, so we can review back and learn from it. But first, I need to build a nest box cam.

At first I was planning to build one from scratch and I started doing the first design of the Nest Cam. But I thought it might be easier just to go and buy ready made nest box. So I went to Homebase and found one for just £7.99. I purchased it and took it home. Measured it and it was the perfect size. Because I now have a nest box ready, I re-did the diagram for the new nest box.

As you can see from the diagram, I plan to have a black & white Infra Red LED camera facing downward toward the possible nest. Why did I pick black and white camera? Because according to my research, B&W camera gives you better result during daytime with little light and during evening using the Infra Red LED where we can watch them in the dark.

The camera will be connected via video composite and low power (12v) cable to the computer, where it will be archived and if eveything are set up correctly, hopefully be streamed live online.

I will be keeping everything updated on my Nest Cam forum, which you can visit and read & make comments or ask any questions/suggestions. Thank you!

Things to do so far... All Done!

* Find suitable camera - Done! See here for more details about the camera
* Find/purchase more wood for camera board support and camera board - Done! See the Gallery online
* Build support beam, waterproofing the nest, etc - DONE! See here for more
* Fixing down the camera board support Done.
* Install camera on camera board and test Done.
* Install camera board with the camera inside the nest box and test. Done
* Make cable with power and test - No need to make one, I found a suitable cable with all of the sockets required! See here for more details
* Install nest cam on wall, wire up cables and test Done
* Fix up any problems if any Done.
* Stream online! Done! See the Nest Cam Live page.