Welcome to Midtown Madness page

Welcome to my Midtown Madness page, one of the originial Midtown Madness fan site out there since the beta release of Midtown Madness by Angel Studios and Microsoft. (around March/April 1999).

I was one of the few lucky people, who was picked out by Microsoft to beta test Midtown Madness. During that time, I found some bugs/problems/etc in this game and has helped them to improve the game, hence its success gaming ever. They was awarded as "Best Driving Game" when Angel Studios & Microsoft previewed their game at 1999 E3 Awards.

Here, you will find almost all information on Midtown Madness, along with some new cars, where you can download for your game. These cars are so cool, you will be playing Midtown Madness all day! (sure did for me!)

I bet you want to get the demo, so you could try it out before buying it. If so, pop over to my Files section, where you can download the demo. In addition, on that page, you will find some useful files, misc. & patches for Midtown Madness.

If you would like to see what Midtown Madness looks like, then you may want to check out my Screenshots page, where you can see the game in action. I'm sure you will like it. Hopefully, you do and you will rush off to buy it! ;)

Fed up with trying to finish off the missions? Want to aviod it and go for the easier way? Pss, come here.... why don'tyou visit the Cheats page, where you will find all of the cheats for Midtown Madness, including No Damage, different cars and many more.

Lastly, if you want to use different cars, other than from the original cars from Midtown Madness, you may want to visit the Cars & Vehicle page, where you will find ranges selections of cars to use in Midtown Madness, including BigFoot, Ferrari, Ford Escort and much more.

I hope you will find this website useful... enjoy your surf!

Buying the Game

To buy this game, follow the links below to find the cheapest game out there.

PC Format

Midtown Madness 1

XBox Format

Midtown Madness 3