Tiny Camera - 1024 x 768 DVC

Before we begin, let me tell you a little story about this camera.

I won this camera from eBay for just £1. But it did not come with any lead, manual or software at all. The only information from the camera are:

1024 x 768 Internet DVC
f = 7.1mm
1:2.2, 5.6

No model number or anything else. At first, I did not know who made it, so I decided to start searching for more information about this on the Internet.

It turned out to be "Tiny 3 in 1 Camera". With that information, I visited the Tiny website and downloaded the driver (they no longer host the website/driver page anymore) and I tried it. It worked!

I made a little post about it in my message board. Soon, everyone has been asking me for the driver as they lost the driver and can't download it any more.

So, as you can see, this is why I created this page - to tell you all about this digital camera and download the drivers for anyone to use.

First of all, I am going to post the photos of the camera so you can see what it looks like and to ensure that this is what you are looking for. Click on the image for bigger size and press the BACK button to return to this page.

With thanks to "Nem" for making a post to HyperBoard, you can take a picture at 1024x768 by holding down the mode button and quickly press the shutter button.

Now, if you're happy that you have the same camera as mine, it's time to offer you the drivers to download! But, since I have found THREE different drivers, all with various filenames and filesize, I can't tell which one works fine on which operating system - Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. However, I am happy to say that only one file has the full installer and a software to display and download the images from your camera. The other two drivers are the drivers and you cna use any paint program to download the images from the camera.

So, I would like to say that it is AT YOUR OWN RISK of downloading and installing the drivers yourself. Please ensure that you have backed up your data before installing it. Once again, it is at your own risk and you can not hold me responsible if the drivers kills your computer!

Happy? Okay, here it is...

1) The Installer and the Tiny software (tinycam_0060.zip) to download the images from your camera - download (1.76MB)
2) Driver #1 (tinycam_2.16.zip) - download (188KB)
3) Driver #2 (tinycamdriverv40017.zip) - download (295KB)

Installation Guide on Windows XP - warning, draft text, use with caution.

And the manual for this Tiny camera - the manual has been scanned by someone who wish to remain anonymous so a big thank you to him for doing this! And now I am hosting this so you can download the manual so you can use the rare camera. :D

Page 0 - 1 - Introduction (102KB)
Page 2 - 3 - Enclosed Accessories and diagrams (53KB)
Page 4 - 5 - Top and Bottom view and LCD display (69KB)
Page 6 - 7 - LCD display (cont.) and Installing the Batteries (63KB)
Page 8 - 9 - Using the Camera - Setting Camera and Selecting the Resolutions and Video recording (117KB)
Page 10 - 11 - Taking pictures and Video recording on the move (100KB)
Page 12 - 13 - Deleting pictures and Connecting to Computer (70KB)
Page 14 - 15 - Loading photos onto your computer (73KB)
Page 16 - 17 - Loading photos onto your computer (Cont.) (79KB)
Page 18 - 19 - Producting and Sending VideoMail (83KB)
Page 20 - 21 - Starting VideoLive Mail (97KB)
Page 22 - 23 - Starting VideoMail (cont.) (79KB)
Page 24 Starting VideoMail (cont.) (46KB)

Or download the whole set (1MB) of the manual in an zipped file.

I would be VERY grateful if you could post your finding, your advice, which driver works better in what operating system, etc on my message board under "Hardware", so we can share the information with everyone else. Thank you