PictureTel PTZ-2P/PTZ-2N

Hi, welcome to my PictureTel PTZ-2P/PTZ-2N website, where I will share my knowledge of this camera with you all since there are very few information about it out there. But first, some information about it...

Picturetel PTZ-2P (PAL) and PTZ-2N (NTSC) is a video conferencing camera that can do pan, tilt and zoom. Below is the basic specification of the camera:

Good, eh?

I have also received some e-mails from users, asking about the spec of the power adapter. So I thought I'd save time and put the information on this page. NOTE: This is for UK power adapter, so I do NOT know if it will work for US version of this camera - PTZ-2N. Therefore it's at your own risk! Anyway here are the information:

Model No: FSA46A120-B4
AC INPUT: 100V-240V ~ 1.2A Max. 50-60 Hz

And I have scanned the power adapter, so you can see what it looks like. You can see it here.

What can it do?

Obviously, it can do a zoom, tilt and pan. The image quality is very good, something like you would see on TV. The best feature about the camera is the zooming and tilting, as it can reach almost all area you want the camera to go. Below is an example of the zoom feature (before zoom and after zoom):

The video of the zooming (486KB - DivX 5 format) and using the Pan & Tilt (1.44MB - DivX 5 format)

At the moment, the camera is offline, but someday it will be online for you to control the camera to see what it can do. So please come back at a later time, or visit this page of someone I know, where you can try one of his three cameras, and you can control them.

So how do I connect the camera to my PC and control it?

In order for the camera to "talk" to your computer, the following hardware/cables are required, which are:

And the software required...