Netgear HDXB101

Our garage has a room where I can use my computer in there. But the biggest problem I faced with was no internet/network access as the garage is not attached to the house. With the scary thoughts of having to wire up a very long network cable from the house to the garage including drilling, I decided there must be a easier way to do this.

Then it dawned on me - I remember seeing on the news about "Broadband Over Power" - if it can be done, then there must be someone out there who created a Network Over Power. And there's one!

The company who made the HomePlug technology, InTellon, did this and made Network Over Power possible. Then soon enough, most networking companies have the technology.

In the case for me, I purchased the Netgear HDXB101 Starter Kit, which comes with two Netgear HDX101 devices, a CD-ROM with the software to change the Network ID. This can give you up to 200Mbps of network connection which is fast enough for me.

Netgear HDXB101 Key Features

I have taken some photos of the Netgear HDXB101 in action, including the configuration page so you can see what it looks like.

I know some of you do lose your Netgear disc, so I have added these files on this server so you can download it for archiving.


Old version

And now my feedback on this - I've found it very good. The connection speed I am getting in the garage ranges between 90Mbps to 130Mbps, depending on how much interference ad it's good enough for me.

So if you want to do a quick job of setting up a network without the hassle of laying out cables and drilling holes, this is the best way to do this!

As of Oct 2006, this cost me £135 inc VAT, however the price will drop as time passes by.