Elitegroup K7S6A Motherboard

This page was created to alert you all about the problem with the Elitegroup K7S6A Motherboard and a specified network card, Netgear FA311 network card.

When you use the FA311 network card with the K7S6A motherboard, plugged in the PCI slot, the motherboard will refuse to boot up. If you have a CD-ROM plugged in, it will just keep flashing away all the time, with the power light flashing. You can see it for yourself by watching this video. (AVI - 702KB)

I have contacted Netgear and Elitegroup about this problem. Elitegroup has not replied so far. But I did get a reply from Netgear and they said they do not support AMD based motherboard as they only supports Intel. I don't know if this is true or not as all of my PCs are AMD based so I can't test this. However I was not happy with their answer because they recommended me to get rid of the AMD motherboard and recommended me to get Intel Pentium! Nice customer service...

The simple fix for this problem is to use different network card (i.e. 3COM) and the motherboard will allow the PC to boot up without any problems.

If you were in the same situation as mine, please leave a message on my message board under Hardware so we can see how bad this problem is. Thanks.

Update: On Tuesday 20th Jan 2004, the K7S6A motherboard passed away peacefully just after 1 year old. The motherboard died from bulged capacitors, which almost exploded. A new motherboard has been ordered and it is Asus A7n8x-x - hopefully it will be better!