Case Modding - Page 1

This is just my small page on my Case Modding on my computer and I thought I'd show you how it was done in case you would like to try it too.

I have done the following mods to my computer:

* Side window
* UV Light tube
* UV react paint on the circuit of the card i.e. network card, modem, etc

The Neon Gel Pen in action. Click for bigger picture.

Normal daytime
In darkness, under UV light

Tested on old network card. I'm happy with the result so far.

Neon Gel Pen applied on the old network card
Under UV light - it's a bad photo, but you should see the pink & green glowing

The window kit has arrived, so I started working on the window kit.

Measuring to find out where & which best place to put the window kit
3cm bottom, 4cm on the side was the suitable size to put it
Marking the window
Off it goes with my trusty Dremel tool
After cleaning it up
Rubber tubing inserted
25 mins of fighting to get the damn window in the rubber tubing!
"Locking seal" to hold the window in
The finished window kit!

Next stage: Install the UV tubes