Toshiba BDX2000 Blu-Ray Player - Firmware Downgrade

If you're here, then yes you've found the right place to find a way to downgrade the Firmware to previous version because the firmware on the Toshiba website has made your UK Blu-Ray player to be Region A (USA) rather than Region B (European). Here's my quick story of what has happened which I have posted in AVForums...

This is a warning to you all Toshiba BluRay Player - BDX2000KB owners - do NOT install the 1.013 firmware from the Toshiba website if you're from UK.

Let me tell you why...

I was trying to watch Ice Age 3 on this player and it kept freezing/jumping. I powered down & switched on the player and it came up saying that I need to do an update in order to play the latest films.

I went into setup and found the update menu. It advised me to visit the Toshiba website from the URL provided, which leads me to find this page

Model Content Page

I followed the steps to download, burnt the file on the CD and installed the latest firmware to my player.

Once this was done, it says that it cannot play region B discs as the player is now an Region A player.

In other words, the firmware has updated my European player into USA player!

Nowhere on the page above states that it's only for USA player. Even when I was installing the firmware, there was NO warning at all - just installed it away without any problems.

I have googled around and it seems that other people had the same problem and that Toshiba has advised there is NO UK firmware to revert this and the only way to fix this is for them to replace the whole unit!

I called Toshiba and Toshiba has said there is a recovery CD to restore the firmware, so much better than others who had to send back the whole unit!

They also advised "In regards to your blue ray player freezing on playback of new Blue ray discs. You may like to try putting a blank SD card into the front of the unit for additional memory which should improve the quality of your playback. "

Now that's my story out of the way as I know you want to download the firmware that will restore your Blu-Ray Player to Region B.

You can download it by clicking on this link (ISO - 31MB)

Once downloaded, you will need to burn the file to a blank disc, i.e. using CDBurnerXP and follow the steps:

1) Power on the BDX2000 and wait for the "No Disk" indication

2) Using the remote control, press the following key sequence:
[9], [8], [7], [6], [POP MENU]

3) The tray will open, insert the CD-R media containing the files and close the tray

4) The update progress will be displayed, once complete the tray will open

5) Remove the CD-R media

6) Power off at the mains plug socket, then switch back on at the mains pug stocket

7) Power on the BDX2000

This will restore the original firmware to your BDX2000 player.

Hope this helps! :)