Orange SPV C500

Orange SPV C500. The best Smartphone I have ever used so far in the past 5 years of different mobile phones I used. (about 4 phones). It does everything I need. Text message. MMS. GPRS. Internet surfing. Colour screen. Play games. And much more. I can't live without it! I take my phone with me everywhere I go. If I forgot my phone at home, I go back and get it. That's how importaint the phone is for me as it's my "communication tools". Without it, I'd die. :)

Here are some photos you may want to check out

First, here are the spec of this phone...

Processor speed: 200Mhz
Memory: 23 MB Volatile Memory, 28 MB Non-volatile memory
Display: TFT 16 bit, resolution 176 x 208
Dimensions: L10.8 x W4.6 x D1.6cm
Weight: 100g
Expansion Options: Integrated SD memory card slot
Other features: GSM/GPRS Tri band 900/1800/1900 Mhz, T9® Predictive text, Microsoft Messenger Client and Digital Camera.

I have "upgraded & tweaked" my phone a bit. I added 512MB SD memory card and a leather case to protect the phone from scratches & dust and also to the latest firmware which is Plus, I have application unlocked the phone so I can install unsigned programs & games. (note: hard reset will wipe it out, so you'll have to do this again)

Now to the software side, here are the software I have installed on my phone:

Agile Messenger
Ordina ALL-locations' GPRS Traffic Monitor
Jewel Master
Ultimate Bowling Fighter
Microsoft Mobile Pocket Streets (including UK maps)
Orneta Notepad
Resco System Toys
Seven Seas
Binarys - Smart Explorer
Binarys - Smart Task Manager

** Please Note ** - Some of the software above are both freeware and shareware.

As you can see, basic software that can help me and also enterain myself when bored. :D