All about Tony Sutton

So, I guess you want to know more about me, eh? Let get on with it...

My name is Tony Sutton and I come from Norwich, England. Currently, I am working in I.T. Services and has been for many years. I'm enjoying it very much as I am learning many new things - you never run out of things to learn!

I have one sister and she is a lovely sister.

In my spare time, I run and manage my own website, which is this site you're seeing and message boards, which are HyperBoard and Deaf Forum - Do join us.

My first car was Citroen AX, which was taken to the scrap yard after an accident, which was not my fault. A few months later after the accident, I got a Peugeot 106 car. 2 years later, Peugeot 106 car was sold and I got a P reg Ford Escort car. The Escort was a great car until the cylinder head had problems, got rid of the car. And now, my current car is... Ford Focus ST170 2.0 16V! Wow, what a GREAT car! You can find out more about my car at my other website - Ford Focus ST170

I enjoy watching films on DVD or at cinema, creating homepages, hence this great website! :) My other hobby is beta-testing software. So far I have been testing out many great products including; (top is recent)

Below are the specs of my main machine, which I built myself to save costs:

For this machine, I learn Linux on this box, and this is also being used as my personal web server and other stuff:

In addition to these computers, I own a Sony Vaio laptop and two other boxes, all connected to a 100MB Netgear FS608 switches (pic), which is connected to my Draytek Vigor 2800 router (pic) and are connected via 2MB ADSL by PlusNet for the Internet connection.

Well, that's all you'll need to know about me and my hobby.